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People Matter. Powering Performance.

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People Matter. Powering Performance.

Logistics Executive is an International Specialist Executive Recruitment and Corporate Advisory firm.

Logistics Executive Group delivers Whole-of-Life Cycle Talent Management including Executive Search, Permanent Recruitment, Business Consultancy and Corporate Advisory, Employee Performance Coaching, Leadership Mentoring, Talent Mapping including Attraction, Acquisition, Training and Development, Retention and Career Transition expertise.

Our integrated business approach linking Business Performance to Talent Management coupled with our ability to leverage our rich knowledge of business dynamics across international markets, ensures we have a strong reputation as a trusted partner, providing strategic and operationally sound advice to our clients in the Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG, Transport, Freight, Aviation, Pharma-Healthcare and Resources sectors.

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Board & CEO Services

Building Leadership Capabilities to Deliver Superior Business Performance.

The art and science of creating effective leadership does not happen by chance and may be endangered by issues such as personal differences, lack of strategic alignment, or failures of structure and governance.

Having partnered many of the world’s leading organisations for more than thirty-five years, Logistics Executive Group works with boards, CEOs, and executive teams to address the strategic, operational and organisational drivers that impact on team dynamics and performance. We help clients around the world build qualified, experienced and diverse boards; appoint non-executive chairmen; advise on board succession and corporate governance issues; and provide tailored board assessment services.

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Executive Search & Recruitment

Logistics Executive Group Understands That People are Your Best Asset.

Our dedicated approach, rich industry networks and Whole-of-Life Cycle Talent Management methodology, Logistics Executive Group beings an end-to-end executive search and recruitment solution that powers the performance and productivity of your people.

Working exclusively and collaboratively with you, we take time to explore the needs and desired outcomes, bringing our experience in delivering results to the process. Our Industry known consultants experts in their field, so they know who is out there, and most importantly, when. With an international network of offices across Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, we can help you source talent from all over the globe.

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Job Search

Discover More. Search Wider. Apply Immediately.

Globally, we place candidates on a permanent, contract and interim basis in executive leadership positions, general management, supply chain, procurement and logistics, operations, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and consultancy, human resources, information technology, as well as technical manufacturing.

Search and apply online for positions across our global network of executive search consultants and offices for your next career move.

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Interim Management

Rapidly Deployed. Specialist Skills.

Logistics Executive Group is the global leader in providing interim or permanent executive management solutions when time is critical. With proven project management process and more than 15 years experience Logistics Executive Group has built a truly international pool of some 50,000+ senior executive managers available at short notice.

Logistics Executive Group offers clients the services of commercially experienced Principals together with a flexible fee structure to assist clients with their strategic corporate projects and has completed advisory, acquisition and sale transactions for clients that range from Global organisations to local SME’s.

Dynamic business conditions and the Logistics industry require flexible solutions and our clients rely on us to have a highly qualified manager or team of managers in place within days. These are strong, accountable leaders who take charge, inspire others to go above and beyond – and ultimately effect lasting change.

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Executive Coaching

Inspire. Grow. Enhance.

The quality and alignment of the senior leadership team has a dramatic impact on company performance. With more than three decades of research and practical know-how, Logistics Executive Group can power your organisation to develop the capacity, capability and performance of executives creating broader, more effective, strategic leaders within the organisation.

Our individual, team and group-focused leadership coaching solutions is proven to make a difference at all levels of the organisation, from a first-time manager to the CEO in any sector bringing realistic and achievable professional goals and creates a platform for measurable results.

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Career Transition & Outplacement Services

Professional. Caring. Effective.

Career transition affects organisations and individuals differently and we have the network of experts that can assist all parties involved. We have been providing Professional Career Transition Programs and Outplacement services for more than 15 years and conduct a range of programs tailored each to individual needs and company requirements.

Logistics Executive Group helps organisations, individuals plan, manage and implement Career Management Solutions, and Career Mentoring Programs that ensure seamless and professional change can occur without impact to performance.

Our Career Management Solutions include Change Management & Human Resource Advice, Career Transition Services and Outplacement Programs, Executive Mentoring Programs, Group Programs and Seminars, Virtual Career Management Solutions and Workforce Redeployment.

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HR Payroll Services

Reduce Cost. Free Up Valuable HR Resources.

Outsourcing your company’s payroll processing function frees up resources, including valuable human capital, and allows you to focus on and engage in projects that add value to your business.

Logistics Executive Group offers a full range of scalable payroll and HR outsourcing solutions, with a track record in delivering accurate cost effective web-based payroll services. Whether it is managing the payroll of your entire staff force, or the confidential data of your directors and senior management, our dedicated team is on hand to provide expert payroll and human resource consultation and support.

Whether for a specific executive group or the whole organisation, we offer a confidential and reliable service.

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Psychometric Evaluation Services

Minimize Risk. Maximize Success.

All companies—no matter how large or small have the same basic challenges when it comes to hiring, retaining and developing the talent that will help their business succeed.

Every company wants to find the best people and provide them with an environment that will offer the best chance to grow and thrive. We offer a comprehensive range of assessment services and psychometric evaluation tools designed to add to your organisation’s talent development and management capabilities.

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Behavioural and Skill Assessments

Use the Latest Online Assessment Tools to Find the Right Person for the Job.

Every job requires a specific behavioural style for it to be done successfully. It’s why some people just love their job and others can’t wait to quit? Finding the person whose behavioural style and talent matches the profile of the job is not just art, its science. Myprofile helps you find the best people for the job. It also improves retention, eliminating costly hiring mistakes and improves effectiveness in the workplace.

Using Myprofile to find the right person, with the right attitude and the best talent is one of the fastest, most cost effective and easiest ways to help identify the best candidate for the job. Myprofile helps you find the best people for the job.

Skill Check Assessments

Validating candidate skills has never been easier with Logistics Executive Group’s range of Skill Check Assessments. Designed to assess candidates’ skills and aptitudes, Skill Check is easy-to-use, perfectly filled the specifications to provide an economical, reliable and accurate.

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Compensation & Benefit Reports

Attract and Retain Good Talent. Stay Competitive.

Logistics Executive Group regularly produces salary guides and synthesise the collected data into comprehensive salary reports by region. Whether you are looking to find current market salary trends to compare with your current salary, as a basis for justification while negotiating a pay rise, or to simply ensure that you are paying your top talent appropriately; you can download our Salary Guide at our Salary Centre.

Customised Compensation Reports

Logistics Executive Group offers customised compensation and benefits research that allows organisations to properly benchmark their compensations. Reports may be personalised in selecting from any combination of the following demographics to ensure a fair comparison including Employment Status, Geography, Job Title/ Position, Years of Experience and Business Discipline.

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Perform Zone Candidate Portal

We Believe That Candidates are Clients Too, and We Treat You as Such.

Registering with Logistics Executive Perform Zone shortens the time to get your qualifications to global network of executive search consultants and allows you to apply for positions, where we advertise selected advertise.

Through Logistics Executive Perform Zone you can easily manage a confidential resume and be entered onto our worldwide database. As you progress in your career, you can return to Logistics Executive Perform Zone to update and maintain your background information.

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