Organisation &
Executive Coaching

Inspire. Grow. Enhance.

Organisation & Executive Coaching

Inspire. Grow. Enhance.

Powering organisations to develop capacity, capability and increase the performance of executives creating more effective, strategic leaders within the organization are just some of the benefits of Logistics Executive Group’s Organisation and Executive Coaching programs.

As leaders, we know how important it is to keep improving your skills. Our individual, team and group-focused leadership coaching solutions uses one-to-one conversations and guided questioning to unlock inner potential. It helps managers deal with change and find solutions to business problems using their own resources. It’s an effective way of creating a high performance culture in your organisation.

Global research shows that 90% of organisations with over 2,000 employees use business coaching, with 95% say that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their business. Organisation coaching programs bringing realistic and achievable professional goals and creates a platform for measurable results linked to the CEO objectives.

Benefits of business coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is a proven way of transforming business performance. Specific benefits include:

Better Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Better Management Performance
Improved Conflict Resolution
Increased Confidence and Motivation

Coaching development in your organisation.

Coaching is a highly effective way of raising awareness and driving performance at all levels of an organisation. But good coaches need training. To embed coaching capability across your organisation, you must first equip managers with the abilities and training they need to coach effectively.

Employers using Logistics Executive Group coaching programs see:

Improvements in Efficiency and Effectiveness
Better Performance in Managers
Fewer Errors


Coaching and mentoring involve pairing experienced professionals with employees that could use help adapting to the environment and culture of the workplace. Pairing an experience business mentor with new employees to help them settle into the surroundings and get off to a good start.

New employee or current employees can benefit from personal guidance on specific job duties, processes or responsibilities whilst small businesses can also use mentors to help develop other employees along a specific career path, such as management.


On an organizational level, coaching and mentoring can provide a host of benefits. Mentoring and coaching can help encourage loyalty to the company. When experienced professionals help mold the career of and provide opportunities for mentees, these individuals may feel a greater sense of connection and commitment to the business. Coaching helps an employee feel comfortable with management and encourages open communication, resulting in a positive work experience.

Experienced leaders.

Steeped in more than three decades of research and practical know-how, Logistics Executive Group Executive Coaching Program is led by Global CEO Mr Kimble Winter (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership qualified) with a team of highly accomplished multinational senior executives operating from Logistics Executive Group offices.