Logistics Executive Group and Sharaf Aviation Academy announce a partnership to deliver first-class Logistics Training to the Middle East & Africa

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Logistics Executive Group and Sharaf Aviation Services Academy have entered into a long-term partnership to deliver specialist supply chain and logistics E-learning and facilitated programs across the MENA region.

For over a decade, Logistics Executive Group has dedicated its expertise to the development and enrichment of -a global community of supply chain and logistics professionals via its Logistics Academy education platform.

Together, Sharaf Aviation Services Academy and Logistics Academy will broaden the range of specialist education that will help organizations in the region to meet the gap in training of their workforce, giving them a ‘best in class’ service.

Over the years, surveys have shown the increasing need for trainings dedicated to the supply chain industry. This partnership with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy will help enable Logistics Executive Group to reach out to more professionals in the MENA region for its Logistics Academy range of logistics and supply chain educational courses.

“Since expanding our Training, Development and Business Coaching services across all business units in the Group, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for specialist expertise from the wide range of courses and programs offered. This is particularly the case in Logistics and Supply Chain Management expertise as the industry experiences further consolidation, change management and business transformation. Also, companies are exploring growth opportunities in emerging markets of the GCC and Africa” said Mr Darryl Judd, Chief Operating Officer for Logistics Executive Group. “The partnership with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy will help strengthen the- delivery of enhanced training, development and knowledge across the logistics and supply chain markets with specialist courses to upskill, commencing with key programs in August”.

In signing the long-term partnership agreement, Sharaf Aviation Services Academy’s Mr.Jayaram – Managing Director commented that “this partnership will enable the parties to more effectively deliver specialist logistics and supply chain training and business support to industry customer organizations and individuals, drawing on a rich base of experience leveraged across the global reach of Logistics Executive Group offices”.

Sharaf Aviation Academy will offer two of Logistics Academy’s leading supply chain and logistics courses – the Australia Logistics Academy Diploma along with an Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quick Courses for entry level employees. The range of programs will be progressively expanded to the complete portfolio of 34 courses, complimenting those already offered by Sharaf Academy.

The Australian Logistics Academy will be offered as a fully accredited Diploma and Advanced Diploma;
• ALA Diploma in Logistics Management
• ALA Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management.

Both courses upskill professionals with effective technical and management skills, necessary to becoming efficient Logisticians at the supervisory and managerial levels. In addition, the programs aim to provide the essential knowledge and prerequisites needed for the pursuit of further education in business or logistics management.

As part of a flexible workplace training initiative, the ALA Diploma in Logistics Management is available as an online six-module diploma. It incorporates various areas of logistics functions including electives in Purchasing, Warehousing & Distribution, Transportation, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Technology.

The ALA Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management further develops student learning with a ten-module advanced diploma, incorporating further electives from the various Logistics functions and a Business Research Project to illustrate competency in understanding how all the various components of the Supply Chain fit together. The ALA Advanced Diploma offers an accredited pathway to a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) certification.

In addition to the ALA Diploma Programs, Sharaf Academy will market and offer Logistics Academy’s CSCMP Quick Courses.

Logistics Academy CSCMP Quick Courses offer immediate, affordable best-in-class training. Consisting of 13 modules designed for entry to mid-level professionals, each course is an instructional web-based videos running between 45 minutes to 75 minutes, with teaching notes coordinating terminology and definitions, test questions, an answer key and providing recommended further studying material depending on topic.
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the preeminent worldwide professional association dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge on supply chain management.

Both courses are respected and recognised by professionals in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry worldwide and have seen thousands of professionals enrolled in the programme over the last 17 years. The key advantage for fulltime working students is that both are designed to fit in with fulltime work and hands-on industry experience is considered of great advantage.

ALA and SCMP course offerings can be accessed via the Logistics Executive Group’s Logistics Academy website at: http://www.logisticsexecutive.com/academy/ or by contacting Sharaf Aviation Academy

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