Executive Coaching

Inspire. Grow. Enhance.

Executive Coaching

Inspire. Grow. Enhance

Logistics Executive Group’s individual, team and group-focused Executive leadership coaching is proven to make a difference at all levels of the organization, from a first-time manager to the CEO in any sector bringing realistic and achievable professional goals and creates a platform for measurable results.

Executive Performance Coaching & Mentoring can play a central role in developing the capacity, capability and performance of executives into broader, more effective strategic leaders within an organization.

A Relationship of Trust

The Coach’s role is to provide a resource of experience and knowledge in an empathic and trustworthy environment. Professional coaching is a formal relationship between an independent, experienced, trained person and the selected executive.

Guidance is based on the Coach working to unlock untapped potential in the coaching Counterpart, sharing their experience, utilizing acknowledged processes, working on specific skills or proficiencies. A Coach works with the Counterpart to challenge and stretch thinking and act as a counsel and sounding board, seeking performance improvement through structured development techniques to achieve agreed outcomes.

Coaching is a positive, collaborative intervention, a dynamic way for executives to achieve better decision-making, improved personal and company performance, and enhanced business outcomes. Coaching helps to develop realistic and achievable professional goals and creates a platform for measurable results.

Logistics Executive Group Executive Coaching Program is led by Global CEO Kimble Winter (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership qualified) with a team of highly accomplished multinational senior executives operating from Logistics Executive Group offices.

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Key Benefits

Accelerated Personal Development and Career Progression
Develop Broader Platform of Support and Business Contacts
Foster a Culture of Corporate Responsibility, Learning and Development
The Revealing of Hidden Skills and Talents
Enhance Self-esteem, Efficiency and Confidence
Assist Career Planning and Personal Development
Increased Knowledge and Highly Developed Skills
Motivate and Inspire Other Executive Team Members
Implement / Accelerate Change Culture
Reduce Costs Through Improved Performance and Increased Productivity
Higher Level of Self-awareness and Emotional Maturity
Achieve a Better Work / Life Balance & Quality of Life