Influential CPOs share purchasing plans at December’s Procurement Week Summit

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Australia’s most influential CPOs are revealing procurement transformation strategies and setting the scene for innovation in 2019 at this December’s Procurement Week Summit 4-7 December in Sydney.

This flagship summit builds on organiser Quest Events’ established lead over five years in the procurement summit space, bringing together 40+C-suite speakers playing a direct role in procurement reforms.

Key sectors represented include the three tiers of government, energy, technology and telecommunications, building and construction, healthcare, higher education and manufacturing.

The broader narrative focuses on leadership, business transformation, transparency and a deeper engagement with the providers of goods and services. Practical case studies are drawn from across the public and private sector, as well as higher education.

Insightful presentations offer a first-hand look at the changing relationship between buyers and sellers and the future of procurement for nimble, innovative organisations.

Among the keynotes, Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) showcases strategies to future-proof procurement and deliver on the mantra of digital transformation. The DTA’s chief strategy officer, Dr Anthony Vlasic, offers insights into the federal government’s procurement plans and industry outreach.

Moving beyond ‘big bang projects’ into strategic sourcing is explored by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment’s procurement lead, John Ivil. He shares the experiences of this mega agency’s industry engagement plans, underscored by moves to streamline procurement in a dynamic environment.

The changing nature of procurement and demand to build the leadership base is examined by Beach Energy’s CPO, Hendrik Synman. He offers insights into improving the career track for procurement professionals, building inter-personal skills and expanding business capabilities.

From the private sector, tech giant Microsoft’s procurement lead, Dave Andrew, clarifies the emerging importance of inclusive supplier networks – offering insights into the changing dynamics of buyer behaviour together with trends mapping supplier diversity.

The buyer-supplier collaboration is examined by Mirvac’s transformation head, Krishna Mohan, who explains how to move beyond standard-issue RFPs and the ‘rule police’ into the fluid world of procurement to build resilience into procurement as part of asset management.

The winning formula for strategic procurement, team-building and buyer-seller engagement is also explored by senior executives representing front-line firms including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, World Bank, Department of Defence, Australia Post and the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Registration details are available at

For agenda updates or speaking opportunities, contact Shahida Sweeney on 0413 265 500 or email

CSR in Business – What’s the Point?

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CSR in Business – What’s the Point?

December 2017
Author: Bushra Ali, Business Intelligence Specialist, Logistics Executive Group

CEO_Newsletter_December2017_1In 2005, Logistics Executive Group announced its support and partnership with Oasis Africa, a charity that addresses lack of education opportunities in Africa’s biggest and darkest slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kibera. In the past 12+ years, the initiative has impacted the lives of over a thousand Kenyan children and their families, with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

According to Kim Winter, Global CEO of Logistics Executive Group and Founder of Oasis Africa, the charity was not conceived as part of a brand positioning strategy for his company. Rather, the idea emerged spontaneously during a visit to Kenya when he stumbled upon a community of 50 orphans and vulnerable children learning in a dark, small, sewage-ridden, unsafe iron shed on a casual visit to Kibera. In fact, the Oasis Africa school was built largely through personal donations by founding team members, before annual fundraisers and online donations made it possible to significantly expand the organization’s efforts.

The question that arises is – if this was such a spur-of-the-moment, purely empathy-driven initiative, why would a group of companies like Logistics Executive Group choose to make Oasis Africa its charitable arm, rather than let it remain a personal endeavor helmed by a group of friends with shared concerns? Surely, the Group could have still channeled its resources and networks toward supporting the initiative, and perhaps even capitalized on some marketing benefits by attaching their brand to fundraising campaigns if they so fancied. But why did they choose to make Oasis Africa a part of Logistics Executive Group’s story, rather than let it just be the other way round?

The answer to this question lies not only in what Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, means to a company, but also how a company chooses to define itself and its culture in relation to ALL of its stakeholders, whether it be its workforce, clients, or society at large.

In this golden age of technology in which we are all too busy figuring out how to automate our businesses (and even personal lives), it is easy to forget that everything we do is pretty much still people-driven. It is people that create the technologies that we now rely on, people who harness and develop these technologies, people who evaluate and critique our efforts as companies and individuals, and people we ultimately serve through the jobs we dedicate our lives to everyday – people including ourselves.

Interestingly, a spate of recent studies on the impact of rising technologies such as artificial intelligence on our economies conclude that it is the ‘people factor’ that is becoming more and more important in the wake of technological evolution. A recent report by Deloitte anticipates that jobs that involve (as of yet unprogrammable) human attributes, including ‘genuine creativity’, ‘empathy’ and ‘complex care’ are going to become of utmost importance in the world economy in the not-so-distant future. Furthermore, as the world economy becomes increasingly globalized and democratized, the ‘people’ we interact with, whether as colleagues, staff or customers, are becoming more diverse and the needs and demands we cater to more eclectic and rapidly evolving than ever.

“Having started out as primarily a recruitment firm about twenty years ago, Logistics Executive Group is hardly a stranger to the ‘people factor’ and its critical relationship with the success of any venture,” says Global CEO, Kim Winter. “In fact, it was people-centric thinking that led us to establish this company and help our clients find talent and cultivate cultures that boost the achievement of organizational objectives, as well as their stakeholders’ satisfaction,” he adds.

Today, the Group runs an international network of offices spanning 14 countries across regions that couldn’t be more different in terms of culture, language, and history. However, more than culture studies, history books and language lessons, the company has found its unwavering focus on and commitment to one simple priority to be the most successful strategy for fostering a powerhouse work culture and continued relationships with clients, according to COO Darryl Judd – “a firm commitment and sincere passion for shared values, motivators and goals.”

Does this comes across as too simplistic and/or generic? Perhaps. Nonetheless, the Group’s leadership stand by their words. “In one simple, clichéd approach, we have managed to capture what many multinationals dedicate an exorbitant amount of resources to, yet find too elusive to actualize,” asserts Judd. “In my view, our success here lies not only in our ability to identify the right objective, but also the way we choose to pursue and achieve it,” adds Winter.

This is where projects such as Oasis Africa come in. According to the Group’s leadership, Oasis Africa became a part of Logistics Executive Group simply because several members of their team wanted to get involved. However, this interest wasn’t inspired by board room meetings and presentations or a memo from the top, but rather through the day-to-day conversations and exchange of interests, ideas, passions and commitments. In fact, this exchange is a pivotal part of the company’s cultural dynamic, despite the team’s geographic spread. Optimizing the use of modern communications technologies such as Skype and WhatsApp allows the team to stay connected across borders and time zones, with at least one group ‘catch-up’ meeting a week.

Now, 12 years since Oasis Africa became a part of Logistics Executive Group, the company is at the brink of turning the page onto a new, exciting chapter in its CSR story. As African democracies mature and the demographic dividend brings to the fore a sizeable population of ambitious and impassioned youth, Logistics Executive Group has decided to partner with Hands Up Kenya to empower Kenyan leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers of tomorrow.

Hands Up Kenya is a not-for-profit initiative that brings together the leaders of today to inspire opportunities, cultivate networks, and impart knowledge to Kenyan youth, with the hope of eventually expanding to other African countries as well. In the past 3 months alone, the initiative has welcomed on board more than 20 Ambassadors that include the likes of Australian singer Deni Hines, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo Glyn Hughes, and internationally-acclaimed Kenyan actress Chichi Seii. The organization’s ambitious plans include a three-part conference series starting with an inaugural event in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi that has an expected attendance of 1500-2000 Kenyan youth.

“It is incredible to see the momentum building around the initiative at the moment, given the level of enthusiasm, commitment and passion that has poured in from young and old, mentors and youngsters, African and international peers alike.” shares Judd, who has been closely involved with the initiative since its foundation. As part of the partnership, Logistics Executive Group will share its expertise in areas including brand and program development.

What does an initiative like Hands Up Kenya mean for a company like Logistics Executive Group? “For companies with long-term vision and a people-centric philosophy, it means not only seizing, but spearheading the exciting process of carving out the future,” Judd explains, “It means waking out of bed every morning with a strong sense of purpose for its workforce, and a realization that their day-to-day endeavors are connected to a bigger picture. It also means broadening networks, establishing new partners, embracing new communities and building bridges with some of tomorrow’s inevitable leaders and trailblazers. It means putting a hand in to give back, knowing without a doubt that it can only lift us all up in the process.” Now, wouldn’t you call this a truly win-win situation for all?

Bushra Ali
Business Intelligence Specialist, Logistics Executive Group

Bushra Ali is a business intelligence specialist at Logistics Executive Group in the Middle East. She has a degree in Economics and Chinese from Williams College, Massachusetts, USA. She specializes in market research and economic analysis using qualitative and quantitative tools including STATA, R and Python. Her past research spans topics including behavioural economics, consumer behaviour, renewable energy markets, education and social entrepreneurship. Her research has been published by the London-based Overseas Development Institute (ODI). In addition to English, she is fluent in Mandarin, Arabic and Urdu/Hindi.


Call for speakers and sponsors to LogiSYM Dubai 2018 & LogiSYM Oman 2018

Are you interested in being a speaker or being part of a panel? We are on the lookout for more speakers and ideas to incorporate into our conference and we would love to hear from you! Contact for more details.


IATA Launches FACE-UP Competition for Young Professionals

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched FACE-UP – a competition for recent graduates to present their thesis at the 2018 World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Dallas, USA. To be eligible, graduates must have a thesis topic about air transport logistics (e.g. air cargo, supply chain management, mobility, IT solutions, etc.). The FACE-UP finalists will present to over 1,200 top-level industry professionals at WCS. The top three finalists will present at the WCS closing plenary for the audience to nominate the ultimate winner of the FACE-UP competition. The winning theses will not only show innovation but also the potential to transform air cargo. The closing date for entries is 19 January 2018.


Logistics Executive Group to partner with Hands Up Kenya Initiative

Logistics Executive Group is to get in behind Hands Up Kenya, a not-for-profit leadership empowerment initiative. Through this partnership, Logistics executive Group plans to help Hands Up Kenya broaden its network of mentors and established professionals who are keen to enhance Kenyan youth’s access to professional mentorship, employment and career development opportunities. Hands Up Kenya in launching its flagship conference series, starting with an inaugural event in March, 2018 in Nairobi. Each event will feature a variety of leadership and professional development opportunities such as workshops, speeches, an on-site career fair and networking events. Through these events and platforms, the initiative aims to promote tools and approaches that have been proven to elevate standards of living, promote business creation, build robust communities and empower youth to grow and fulfil their potential.



LogiSYM Dubai 2018
13 – 14 February 2018
Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai, UAE

LogiSYM Dubai 2018 brings together over 300 people across a variety of practices and professions. Who should attend? Anyone in Logistics & Supply Chain working to: put an idea into action, get inspiration from industry leaders, connect with potential collaborators, manage an effective team, or understand the trends affecting the future. If you want to be prepared for the changes in the supply chain industry, then you need to be at LogiSYM Dubai 2018!


Hands Up Kenya
March 2018
Nairobi, Kenya

‘Hands Up Kenya’ is a not-for-profit initiative that brings together a network of successful international and Kenyan entrepreneurs, business leaders and change-makers who are eager to remove the barriers that prevent Kenyan youth from achieving their full potential. The organization was co-founded by Darryl Judd, COO of Logistics Executive Group (LEG). Kim Winter, Global CEO of LEG, is also one of its Global Ambassadors.


The 8th International Saudi Transtec Exhibition & Conference
5 – 7 December 2017
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Transtec is the definitive meeting place in the Middle East for logistics and supply chain professionals, linking logistics buyers from FMCG’s, Retail, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Automotive with the leading logistics service providers in the region. Freight forwarders, shipping lines, rail providers, ports and warehousing providers will be joined by materials handling suppliers, supply chain consultants, certification bodies and ITC providers, all showcasing their products and services to a qualified audience of over 5.000 professionals.


Breakbulk Middle East
6 – 7 February 2018
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Now in its third year, Breakbulk Middle East will host 150+ exhibitors and 100+ cargo owners, including Alcoa, Bechtel, CB&I, Emirates Steel Industries, Fluor, GE Power, McDermott, Petroasia, Petrofac, Saudi Aramco, Siemens and Technip. This event is sponsored by DP World, Agility Project Logistics, Bahri Logistics, Höegh Autoliners and Ceekay Shipping.

Logistics Executive Group and Sharaf Aviation Academy announce a partnership to deliver first-class Logistics Training to the Middle East & Africa

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Logistics Executive Group and Sharaf Aviation Services Academy have entered into a long-term partnership to deliver specialist supply chain and logistics E-learning and facilitated programs across the MENA region.

For over a decade, Logistics Executive Group has dedicated its expertise to the development and enrichment of -a global community of supply chain and logistics professionals via its Logistics Academy education platform.

Together, Sharaf Aviation Services Academy and Logistics Academy will broaden the range of specialist education that will help organizations in the region to meet the gap in training of their workforce, giving them a ‘best in class’ service.

Over the years, surveys have shown the increasing need for trainings dedicated to the supply chain industry. This partnership with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy will help enable Logistics Executive Group to reach out to more professionals in the MENA region for its Logistics Academy range of logistics and supply chain educational courses.

“Since expanding our Training, Development and Business Coaching services across all business units in the Group, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for specialist expertise from the wide range of courses and programs offered. This is particularly the case in Logistics and Supply Chain Management expertise as the industry experiences further consolidation, change management and business transformation. Also, companies are exploring growth opportunities in emerging markets of the GCC and Africa” said Mr Darryl Judd, Chief Operating Officer for Logistics Executive Group. “The partnership with Sharaf Aviation Services Academy will help strengthen the- delivery of enhanced training, development and knowledge across the logistics and supply chain markets with specialist courses to upskill, commencing with key programs in August”.

In signing the long-term partnership agreement, Sharaf Aviation Services Academy’s Mr.Jayaram – Managing Director commented that “this partnership will enable the parties to more effectively deliver specialist logistics and supply chain training and business support to industry customer organizations and individuals, drawing on a rich base of experience leveraged across the global reach of Logistics Executive Group offices”.

Sharaf Aviation Academy will offer two of Logistics Academy’s leading supply chain and logistics courses – the Australia Logistics Academy Diploma along with an Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quick Courses for entry level employees. The range of programs will be progressively expanded to the complete portfolio of 34 courses, complimenting those already offered by Sharaf Academy.

The Australian Logistics Academy will be offered as a fully accredited Diploma and Advanced Diploma;
• ALA Diploma in Logistics Management
• ALA Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management.

Both courses upskill professionals with effective technical and management skills, necessary to becoming efficient Logisticians at the supervisory and managerial levels. In addition, the programs aim to provide the essential knowledge and prerequisites needed for the pursuit of further education in business or logistics management.

As part of a flexible workplace training initiative, the ALA Diploma in Logistics Management is available as an online six-module diploma. It incorporates various areas of logistics functions including electives in Purchasing, Warehousing & Distribution, Transportation, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Technology.

The ALA Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management further develops student learning with a ten-module advanced diploma, incorporating further electives from the various Logistics functions and a Business Research Project to illustrate competency in understanding how all the various components of the Supply Chain fit together. The ALA Advanced Diploma offers an accredited pathway to a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) certification.

In addition to the ALA Diploma Programs, Sharaf Academy will market and offer Logistics Academy’s CSCMP Quick Courses.

Logistics Academy CSCMP Quick Courses offer immediate, affordable best-in-class training. Consisting of 13 modules designed for entry to mid-level professionals, each course is an instructional web-based videos running between 45 minutes to 75 minutes, with teaching notes coordinating terminology and definitions, test questions, an answer key and providing recommended further studying material depending on topic.
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the preeminent worldwide professional association dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge on supply chain management.

Both courses are respected and recognised by professionals in the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry worldwide and have seen thousands of professionals enrolled in the programme over the last 17 years. The key advantage for fulltime working students is that both are designed to fit in with fulltime work and hands-on industry experience is considered of great advantage.

ALA and SCMP course offerings can be accessed via the Logistics Executive Group’s Logistics Academy website at: or by contacting Sharaf Aviation Academy

LogiSYM Malaysia 2017

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Logistics Executive Group is pleased to bring to you LogiSYM Malaysia 2017 – Register NOW!

Only a few more weeks to Malaysia’s largest, International Supply Chain & Logistics Conference!

  • 50+ International Speakers from across Asia
  • 250 plus attendees from multinational companies
  • Highly interactive sessions with industry Experts and Specialists on current trends and challenges in Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Over 8 exciting, Networking opportunities across 2 Days

LogiSYM Malaysia 2017 is Malaysia’s largest supply chain event and is being held October 24-25, 2017 at the Hilton Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. Register online now to get your seat and get full access to this 2-day program.

The event will have general tracks that looks at topical areas such as:

  • Supply Chain Visibility and Sustainability
  • Economic Impact on Dynamic Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Transformation – Change & Adaptive Supply Chain Transformation
  • Operational Excellence

Visit for the full agenda and speakers.

If you are interested in attending and would like to avail one of these delegate passes, please email Carmel Perales, at with the subject line “Please Register – LogiSYM Malaysia 2017” providing the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Contact Details (email & phone number)
  • Address for registration

**Conference fees are HRDF eligible for Malaysian Companies. Access for more information.

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