Business Licensing

Time for a Change?

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Time For a Change?


Interested in owning your own business? Logistics Executive Group offers a unique opportunity to start a high-income executive search and corporate advisory business, with our unique low cost licensing model that mitigates the business risks of starting your own firm whilst offering you the control, flexibility, income and lifestyle you desire.

Since 1999, Logistics Executive Group has been the acknowledged industry leader providing a suite of whole-of-lifecycle business services including Corporate Advisory, Executive Search and specialist Supply Chain and Logistics Training.

A Business License with the Logistics Executive Group gives you the opportunity to step away from the corporate world, and step into a business that has been established for nearly 15 years.

Seeking a Career You Can Control?

If you’re tired of being bound by a product, location, industry or the economy and want more control over your future, now is the time to explore your options. A Business License Opportunity with the Logistics Executive Group offers a world-class ownership opportunity in the Executive Search and Corporate Advisory – a profession rated by FORTUNE magazine as one of the best careers of the future.

Work with a Global Brand

Working with an established consulting brand will help you deliver a clear message to your target market, strengthens your credibility and enhances client loyalty. With a proven infrastructure that we deploy to support 500+ clients and in excess of 130,000+ candidates we are proud to serve, you are backed by a global network with the reach and expertise to ensure you can handle any search assignment.

Minimal Capital Investment

Avoid the high capital costs and risks of joining a Franchise network or starting your recruitment business. Our low monthly license fee model offers Executive Search and Consulting professionals with the most affordable turn-key consulting opportunity.

Systems and Back Office

We offer a comprehensive suite of enterprise level recruitment systems and back office support services to help you build your Executive Search and Consulting business supported by more than 15 years of experience. These include an enterprise level applicant tracking system, job advertising management systems, and enterprise grade email system, behavioral testing systems and remote IT support systems.

Marketing Collateral

Logistics Executive Group produces world-class marketing collateral with in-house marketing and design resources. Consultants receive complimentary brochures, flyers, presentations, business cards, stationary and collateral to assist with marketing and communications.

Training & Mentoring

Logistics Executive Group offers a comprehensive training program to help you start your business. Moreover, whilst you may be an experienced professional, having direct access to a management team and a network of like-minded professionals is going to give you the edge in any competitive environment. As a management team, we are committed to supporting you with the necessary advice, mentoring and strategic planning required to grow your business.

Work from Home

No more long office commutes and time away from your family. Our enterprise level remote workforce systems give you complete access to all the resources and back office support you need to service your clients from home or any remote location.

No Operational Distractions

Logistics Executive Group consultants do not face many of the operational distractions imposed on solo practitioners and can focus 100% of their efforts on client acquisition and service delivery.

Collaborate with Like-Minded Consultants

Exponentially grow your income by leveraging the power of our global office network through fee sharing arrangements, and referrals. Moreover, enjoy regular collaboration sessions such as a weekly teleconference and regular team workshops.

Real Career Security

Entrepreneurs have always been aware that ‘real career security’ can only be created through self-employment. Logistics Executive Group provides a unique opportunity to secure your future whilst mitigating your financial risks.

Build a Business Asset

The larger you grow your client and fee base, the greater the asset you are building. An asset that you can sell to existing or new consultants at any time.

Want to Learn More?

To meet the needs of resurgent global supply chain and logistics sectors, a limited number of Business License Opportunities, which incorporates the Licensing of our full suite of professional services are available to selected qualified Executives, Professionals or Companies servicing the Supply Chain and Logistics sectors and/or recruitment industries.

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Partnering with the Logistics Executive Group allows owners to enjoy:

The opportunity to leverage their industry experience and executive abilities.

Drive value to an entity that they own.

Performance-based compensation that is unlimited.

An absence of business travel, endless meetings and bureaucratic red-tape.

A network of peers working toward the same goals.

World-class support and a true culture of success.
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