Mohammed Mosly

By April 11, 2021
Mohammed Mosly
Managing Director, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed has 20 years of combined and unique blended experience between the private and public sectors. In his previous role, he served as Senior Director of Strategic Engagement at the Job Creation Commission and before that as Deputy Director-General of the Human Resources Development Fund. His role involved leading cross-organizational teams in government and forming coalitions within the relevant ecosystem of any assignment he undertook. Mohammed’s work included generating collective impact from NGOs,  the private sector, and SMEs to activate national initiatives. He co-designed and led national initiatives that sometimes involved more than 100 thinkers. 

Formerly, Mohammed was the CEO of Bahareth & Co. a prominent company in the building material sector. His engagements include leading various national initiatives such as the national skill gap bridging platform, the shaping, and framing of on-the-job training ecosystem in KSA, national human resource management shared services, the nationalization through social investment program, and Israr Award programs among various other holistic national programs.

Mohammed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing Strategy from Northeastern University. He later earned an Executive Management Development Post Graduate Certification from the Michigan University Executive Education program. Furthermore, he earned an Innovation Mini-MBA from London Tech Week Academy by Google, Tools & Methods in Implementing Design Thinking from Design Thinking and Innovation Academy, Singapore, and Kaizen, Japanese Management Theory from Asian Management Institute.