Andrey Lukin

By March 29, 2021
Andrey Lukin
Partner, LE Russia

Andrey is a senior-level business development professional in the field of eCommerce and logistics. For the last decade, he held various managerial roles spanning from mature corporate environments to “greenfield” startups helping businesses pivot into new products and market segments.

Originating from Russia he began his career within state and private industrial groups working as a project manager developing and consulting on strategy across key markets.

His focus on the e-commerce and logistics industries begins in 2013 in one of Russia’s top logistics market players. With Andrey’s leadership, the company grew its international volumes from zero to a multimillion turnover yearly with the eCommerce client base spanning from the US to UK, Europe, and China. With the later acquisition of the company by an international logistics conglomerate Andrey completed an operational merger between two international divisions.

Andrey’s career extends into Middle East logistics in 2018 upon joining a regional state-owned corporation, where he designed strategy for postal, express, 3PL cold chain, and digital industries. He was instrumental in developing products to build new revenue streams, sealing international partnerships, and operationalizing solutions.
Andrey holds a BSc and MSc degrees in economics and management from the State University Higher School of Economics (Russia) and a BSc in economics and management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (external program).