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Professional. Caring. Effective.

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Professional. Caring. Effective.


Logistics Academy has been providing Professional Career Transition and Outplacement services for more than a decade and helps organisations and individuals plan, manage and implement Career Management Solutions, and Career Mentoring Programs.

Tailored to individual needs and company requirements, our range of programs ensure seamless and professional change can occur without impact to performance.

It’s our belief that Career Transition is not just about helping the individuals manage the disruption and uncertainly following a change in their employment but completing the cycle by helping them re-enter the workforce. Much of this is achieved by linking the executive to our recruitment services.

Our suite of Career Management Solutions include:

Executive Mentoring Programs

Group Programs and Seminars

Retention Strategies

Career Decision Making

Change Management  & Human Resource Advice

Virtual Career Management Solutions

Career Transition Services and Outplacement Programs

Notification Support and Workforce Redeployment

Career Transition

Career Transition affects organizations and individuals differently and we have the network of experts that can assist all parties involved. Our programs ensure executives who are in career transition are well equipped with skills to re-enter the workforce with renewed energy and enthusiasm, self-knowledge and defined goals.

Logistics Executive offers four levels of Career Transition Programs:

» Senior Executives
» Middle Management
» Supervisor/Employee/Support Level
» Basic Job Search Training

Personalised Tailored Packages

Tailoring each package to the individual is an important element of any Career Transition Program. Our programs can include some or all of the elements depending on the needs of the individual. Trained consultants delivering the programs ensure individuals are equipped with skills to re-enter the workforce with renewed energy and enthusiasm, self-knowledge and defined goals.

Career Transition for Individuals

Every career transition is unique to each individual making it. In order to assist each individual we provide:

» One-on-one coaching reviews, needs assessment and direction setting
» Access to specialist job leads and networking opportunities
» Assessment tools and guidance for career and career-shifting options

Career Transition Mentoring & Management

Logistics Executive Group assisting individuals in their personal and professional development and helping them to achieve their goals. We mentor them in their decision-making processes, business decisions and on a range of people ‘issues’.

By working with closely, we assist them in taking a proactive approach to their careers. We help employees to set realistic objectives which may indeed see them departing their current organisation and embracing a new career…blending their skills, passions and interests in a role more aligned to their objectives.

Locations Offered and Virtual Services

Career Transition and Outplacement Programs are conducted at our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Dubai and London.

We also offer remote facilities to cater for employees outside of these locations. Remote facilities include access to serviced offices, video conferencing, teleconference and video training portals.

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