Logistics Academy

World-Class Training & Educational
Degrees that Fit your Life.

Logistics Academy

World-Class Training & Educational Degrees That Fit Your Life.

Logistics Executive Group’s Logistics Academy is a comprehensive suite of Educational and Training Programs that cater for all levels of professionals and logicians looking to further enhance their supply chain and logistics skills and careers.

With range of online quick courses, specialized short courses, certificate based and diploma e-learning products through to MBA’s with a focus on Supply Chain Management, Logistics Academy and our partners bring together the most relevant and cutting-edge Supply Chain and Logistics training, to development your employees, upgrade their future skills and helping to contribute to better staff retention.

Learn Online with Logistics Academy’s Suite of World-Class Programs.

Today’s organisations require profound specialist knowledge, but also flexible thinking, subtle management skills, practical expertise and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

A New Way of Learning

These demands are way beyond the capabilities of traditional classroom and distance learning methods. By bringing like-minded professionals together in our unique 100% online learning environment, we enable them to share the latest thinking from the real world. All of the coursework, class discussions and group projects take place in an online environment, which is ‘asynchronous’. The classrooms are always open with the ability to interact with your instructors and fellow students whenever and wherever you want.

Corporate and Professional Programs

The cornerstone of any successful business is a workforce of well-trained, efficient employees. Busy professionals benefit from in-depth training to hone their current skills and become fluent in emerging trends, without a substantial time investment. Logistics Academy’s Corporate and Professional Programs are designed to create engaged, productive employees in a format that meets your company’s needs, timeframe and budget—giving you a competitive industry advantage.

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CSCMP Quick Courses

Immediate Results. Affordable Best-In-Class Training.

Consisting of series of Thirteen (13) Logistics Academy CSCMP Online Quick Courses are highly educational Supply Chain and Logistics courses that are designed by carefully selected faculty for entry to mid-level professionals.

Each course is an instructional web-based videos running between 45 minutes to 75 minutes, with teaching notes coordinating terminology and definitions, test questions, an answer key and providing recommended further studying material depending on topic.

Each course can be purchased separately and each Quick Course qualifies for 1 SCPro™ continuing education unit (CEU).

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ALA Diploma & Advanced Diploma Courses

Respected By Professionals Worldwide.

With over two decades of expertise in advancing Logistics and Supply Chain Management practices the Australian Logistics Academy is a preeminent educational provider known for it high quality, interactive training and education programs through Asia-Pacific.

The ALA Diploma in Logistics Management is offered as an online a six-module diploma incorporating various areas of the logistics functions including electives in Purchasing, Warehousing & Distribution, Transportation, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Technology.

The ALA Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Operations Management continues as a ten-module advanced diploma, incorporating further electives from the various logistics functions and a business research project to illustrate competency in understanding how all the various components of logistics fit together.

ALA Advanced Diploma offers an accredited pathway to a
Certified Logistics Professional (CLP) certification.

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CSCMP SCM Essentials

Fundamental Supply Chain Essentials. Innovative Online Education.

CSCMP Supply Chain Management Essentials (SCME) is an innovative online course that covers the fundamentals of supply chain management. SCME provides insight into supply chain planning, processes, and global operations via discussion, animation, and industry video clips. All this from the convenience of your computer!

Each SCM Essentials episode qualifies for 1 SCPro™ continuing education unit (CEU) or 13 SCPro™ CEUs for completing all episodes.

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Supply Chain Professional Development Program

E-Learning Made Easy. Recognised Globally.

Logistics Academy partnered with The Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics Singapore offers a wide range of educational and training programs for logistics practitioners to upgrade their qualifications, knowledge and skill sets.

The Supply Chain Professional Development (SCPD) Program is compromised of two levels – Diploma (four modules), Advanced diploma (four modules), and is an adaptable logistics e-learning program providing a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way for logistics professionals to upgrade the skills and knowledge. The Program adopts a blended learning methodology, which combines the convenience and efficiency of online learning with the face-to-face contact with module facilitators in classroom interaction sessions.

SCPD offers an accredited pathway to a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) certification (subject to meeting the CPL examination eligibility criteria).

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CSCMP SCPro™ Certification

A Learning Path For Real World Supply Chain Education.

SCPro™ is a three-level certification program through which supply chain professionals can hone a broad array of essential industry skills, and master the complete range of end-to-end global supply chain functions.

When you complete the three-level SCPro™ certification, you prove to your current employer and the entire supply chain industry that you have comprehensive knowledge and have implemented measurable efficiencies, and can offer masterful analysis of real world business issues. When you’re SCPro™ certified, you’re more marketable. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the leading worldwide professional association dedicated to education, research, and the advancement of the supply chain management profession.

CSCMP’s SCPro™ certification program distinguishes you among your peers as a recognised supply chain industry expert who has attained the working knowledge and operational skills needed today.

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Logistics Academy SMC MBA Programs

Globally Accredited MBA Qualification Designed For Working Professionals.

One of the great centres of research, knowledge and innovation, SMC is an accredited Swiss business school offering Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programs to students in more than 120 countries.

Logistics Academy in partnership with SMC offers you what is expected from a leading university – but much more: SMC is renowned for the best service quality and highest attentiveness in online education today. SMC applies the latest technology to ensure you an outstanding eLearning experience.

Logistics Academy SMC’s MBA is 100% online learning environment, which enables you to fit a Masters or Doctorate into your life and acquire relevant, up-to-date knowledge to boost your career.

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Corporate & Professional Programs

Knowledge. Performance. Impact.

From our purpose built Short Course Programs to Executive Development Programs, Logistics Academy helps organisations enable their future leaders to capitalize on their most promising growth opportunities and achieve optimal results by delivering innovative and superior training solutions.

Providing specialist training, delivering everything from consultation and custom content development to leadership training solutions, Logistics Academy’s highly qualified, industry experts use interactive methodology ensure that the valuable lessons learned in our workshops can be quickly implemented back in your workplace.

Designed with a focus on Supply Chain Management, our Executive Management Development and Executive Leadership Programs enhances and readies leaders to advance business performance, speed, and competitiveness, whilst integrating corporate learning within the workplace. Logistics Academy Short Course Program enable you and your teams to develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen area of professional, personal or academic interest.

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Certified Logistics Professional Certification

Become Recognised. Global CPL Accreditation.

Obtaining a CLP Certification ensures you stand out from the rest. There are currently thousands of practicing and experienced logistics professionals across the global and ensuring your experience and qualifications stand out goes a long way to advancing your career.

The Certified Logistics Professional (CLP) programme provides a benchmark of excellence for measuring capability and proficiency within the profession of logistics and supply chain management. The CLP programme represents the hallmark of logistics professionalism.

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Career Management &
Transition Mentoring Services

Professional. Caring. Effective.

Logistics Academy helps organisations, individuals plan, manage and implement Career Management Solutions, and Career Mentoring Programs that ensure seamless and professional change can occur without impact to performance. Our Career Management Solutions include Change Management & Human Resource Advice, Career Transition Services and Outplacement Programs, Executive Mentoring Programs, Group Programs and Seminars, Virtual Career Management Solutions and Workforce Redeployment.

Every company wants to find the best people and provide them with an environment that will offer the best chance to grow and thrive. We offer a comprehensive range of assessment services and psychometric evaluation tools designed to add to your organisation’s talent development and management capabilities.

Career Transition Mentoring

A professional Career Transition Mentoring Program can play a central role in assisting individuals and enterprises transition executives into a new career opportunity. The Career Mentor’s role is to provide a resource of experience and knowledge in an empathic and trustworthy environment, to deploy project leadership, guidance, direction and support during transition, working on specific skills or proficiencies. A mentor acts as a counsel and sounding board, delivering first hand expertise in their field, industry or position to ensure maximized career transition outcomes.

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