Psychometric Evaluation

Comprehensive Range of Services.

Psychometric Evaluation Services

Comprehensive Range of Services.

Psychometric testing and assessments help organisations deliver ongoing success and achieve sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring their people and culture are aligned with their goals and objectives.

The most expensive problems that companies deal with today can be solved, or at least diminished, with a better understanding of the people you employ.

And no matter how large or small all organisations face the same challenges when it comes to hiring, retaining and developing the talent that will help their business succeed.

People with tremendous potential are hired and promoted every day and put into jobs that waste their abilities. Matching people successfully with the work they do is crucial. When people feel competent, are interested in their daily duties and have the opportunity to use their inherent talents, their productivity soars.

Psychometric Testing for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Built on the psychometric testing of individuals, Logistics Executive Group’s has unparalleled experience in understanding people’s behaviours, key motivations, limitations and development opportunities.

Logistics Executive Group’s vendor neutral range of tests feature a number of questions and exercises that are designed to assess and identify a candidate’s personality, abilities and values.

Our assessments are more than just standard psychometric tests, they work to provide you with a complete set of tools including job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. This focus on behavior competencies and job suitability factors enables you to hire, retain and develop top performance as well as generate greater work satisfaction.

Services we provide include; Assessments for Recruitment and Selection, Professional Development, 360 Degree Surveys, Graduates, Team Effectiveness Measures, Team & Team Member Personality Profiling, and Executive Team and Board Reviews.

Every company wants to find the best people and provide them with an environment that will offer the best chance to grow and thrive. We offer a comprehensive range of assessment services and psychometric evaluation tools designed to add to your organization’s talent development and management capabilities.

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Address Vital Issues

Potential Risk Within Your Selection Process.
Recognising Critical Strengths and Highlighting Development Needs of Your Talent Pool.
Discovering Potential Within Your Talent Pool for Succession Management.
Reduce Employee Turnover.
Internal Selection and Recruitment.
Succession Planning.
Team Building.

Key Benefits

Construct Team Balance by Analysing Dynamics.
Create Integral Teams that Work Together to Achieve Organisational Goals.
Produce Coaching Reports Dramatically Increasing Their People Management Skills.
Improve People Management and Leadership Skills.
Assess Proven High Performers and Develop Success Benchmarks.
Online, Flexible and Cost Effective.

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