Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014


Which logistics companies are most resilient to the struggling economy?

For many involved in the logistics industry 2012 was a year of optimistic growth, however, despite the global economic upturn, 2013 proved to be more difficult. As a result, the start of 2014 has brought with it mixed economic indicators and consequently the prospects for the logistics industry remain uncertain.

Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014 offers unique and unrivalled insight in to the financial structure and performance of the world’s largest transport and logistics companies through a range of financial ratios.

What will you learn from Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014?

Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014 will provide you with:

  • Which industry sector provides the best returns?
  • Which company has performed the strongest?
  • Which business model is the most risky?
  • Which companies are most resilient to the struggling economy?

A unique study of how companies have performed pre- and post- recession trends, developments, size and forecasts

At the low point of the global recession the industry had lost over 15% of its revenues and profits had fallen to 2.2% in December 2009. Since 2010 revenues flattened and moved upward in 2012 before turning downward again in 2013.

The report uses a series of financial ratios to highlight the current position and trends seen over the past two years. There are also comparisons of how performance has changed over the long term (six years) and the medium term (three years). The choice of these periods is that six years ago pre-global recession 2008 was considered to be the last period of ‘normality’ and late 2010 is generally considered the time when ‘normality’ returned.

The latest report, the fifth publication in the successful series, not only explores the economic context of the logistics industry, but for the first time, Ti will soon be publishing the unique Global Transport and Logistics Sector Leaders 2014 in conjunction with this report. This additional report highlights the financial performance of 20 of the top industry companies.

Who should buy Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014?

Global Transport and Logistics Financial Analysis 2014 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable strategic information to:

  • CEOs and CFOs
  • Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Directors and Managers
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Knowledge and Research Managers

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