Global Healthcare Logistics 2014


Somewhere between opportunity and frustration

Opportunity and frustration perhaps best describe the status of the global healthcare industry. Opportunities exist in new markets and new products however, frustrations have developed as a result of increasing government regulations and rising costs.

Various changes within the industry have left healthcare manufacturers facing rising costs and shrinking profits. For many, this means a long, hard look at the supply chain.

Significant opportunities exist in healthcare logistics- cold chain, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and clinical trials to name just a few. However, in order for the logistics provider to success it must prove itself in this in this challenging, highly regulated industry.

What will you learn from Global Healthcare Logistics 2014?

Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 will provide you with:

  • Market size, growth and forecast figures
  • Analysis of import and exports both in the US and Europe
  • An overview of trends both global and regional
  • Company profiles of logistics providers
  • Market sector manufacturer profiles
  • An overview of market supply chain risk
  • Medical devices and clinical trials
  • Niche logistics provider profiles

Market trends, developments, size and forecasts

With 16 detailed logistics provider profiles detailing the background, capability and operations of the provider, the Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 report contains a wealth of information.

The report contains an analytical overview of the healthcare logistics industry including the cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trial segments. Within each segment analysis is also an examination of the major regions- Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America and Europe.

The report provides logistics market sizing figures as well as five year forecasts allowing you to identify sectors with the most growth potential.

What will you learn from Global Healthcare Logistics 2014?

Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 includes detailed information on Cold Chain, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals & OTC and Clinical Trial sectors:

  • Cold Chain- Logistics providers are offering specific cold chain solutions as temperature-sensitive healthcare goods increase.
  • Medical Devices- Increasing regulations in the US and Europe are causing medical device manufacturers to rethink locations for manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical & OTC- a shift from air to ocean is underway thanks in part to a rise in generics.
  • Clinical Trials- Globalisation of clinical trials and the need to contract costs are resulting in specialised logistics solutions.

Who should buy Global Healthcare Logistics 2014?

Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable strategic information to:

  • Global Manufacturers
  • Logistics service providers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • IT solutions providers
  • Consultancies
  • As well as all C-level

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