Global Contract Logistics 2014


Contract logistics and the opportunity for explosive growth

The contract logistics market has been comparatively stable if rather unexciting over the past decade or so. But that is unlikely to remain the situation for long.

Contract Logistics is entering a new stage of growth fuelled by a combination of both e-retailing and emerging markets.

As the boom in internet retailing forces change on traditional business models and growth in emerging markets becomes increasingly consumer-driven, there exists a number of opportunities for exponential growth in the contract logistics market.

What will you learn from Global Contract Logistics 2014?

Global Contract Logistics 2014 will provide you with:

  • Global and regional market sizing, growth and forecast figures
  • Market sizing of the advanced logistics market in emerging economies
  • Provider profiles highlighting major contracts and SWOTs
  • Financial analysis of the contract logistics sector

Potential market boom driven by new retailing market trends, developments, size and forecasts

As internet-based shopping transforms retailers’ business models it increases their logistics demands and obstacles and with the shopping explosion seen in Emerging Markets recently the market is currently filled with both challenges and opportunities.

Dedicated internet retailers, such as Amazon, have the advantage of a more simple business model but their logistics spending is still huge. The result is that spending on logistics in the retail sector is growing rapidly. Retailers find themselves in the unfortunate situation of throwing money at logistics solutions in an effort to keep up and driven by a fear of losing valuable market share.

The implications of this changing trend are not straightforward. Whilst logistics spending is growing, the companies that are benefitting are often specialist providers of fulfilment services or last mile capabilities rather than traditional purveyors of ‘trucks and sheds’. In addition, many of the larger retailers are increasingly moving towards investing in in-house capabilities rather than outsourcing.

With the previous modest growth in the contract logistics market of expected to be exceeded in the coming years, the trends toward e- retailing and emerging markets are ones which all third party logistics providers will need to acknowledge if they don’t want to be left behind in what is proving to be a rapidly changing market.

Who should buy Global Contract Logistics 2014?

Global Contract Logistics 2014 is specifically written to provide easily accessible and understandable strategic information to:

  • CEOs and CFOs
  • Retailers and manufacturers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Supply Chain Strategists
  • Consultants and Financial Analysts
  • Logistics Directors and Managers
  • Marketing Directors and Managers
  • As well as all C-level executives

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