Global Automotive Logistics 2014


The automotive logistics sector appears stable and comparatively prosperous, however major change is already underway.

US demand has seen steady growth, assisted by an apparent recovery of the ‘Big Three’ manufacturers- Ford, GM and Chrysler- as well as expansion of production within the US by vehicle manufacturers from Japan, South Korea and Germany and the growing popularity of production in neighbouring Mexico.

Emerging economies are seeing rapid growth in domestic demand most keenly observed in China where demand has raced ahead of the capability of the existing logistics infrastructure.

Growing adoption of digital technology in the supply chain will have a profound affect of existing logistics service providers who will find themselves dealing increasingly with more sophisticated and globalised demand from suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

What will you learn from Global Automotive Logistics 2014?

  • A summary of market trends and developments
  • A comprehensive background of the automotive industry and new concepts introduced
  • The supply chain geography of the automotive logistics market
  • Vehicle manufacturer company profiles including geographical presence
  • A comparison of global sales and production
  • Spare parts logistics market size and structure
  • Market sizing and growth forecasts for the global inbound, finished vehicles and aftermarket segments as well as regional breakdown
  • Analysis of the production and logistics strategies of all the major vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers, including illustrative maps
  • Detailed profiles of the key logistics service providers that operate in the automotive sector

Global Automotive Logistics 2014

Global Automotive Logistics 2014 provides analysis of all the major trends, key players in the sector and opportunities available within the market. The report also provides a comprehensive examination of both production and sales markets for manufacturers and logistics providers, including illustrative maps of individual companies’ operations.

Who will benefit from Global Automotive Logistics 2014?

The report is essential reading for companies seeking to understand the complexities of the sector as well as recent developments and forecasts for expansion and growth in the market. The report will enable readers to develop business strategies, review competitor operations and examine investment prospects.

Authored by Transport Intelligence’s automotive logistics experts, the report is specifically written to provide easily accessible and valuable insight to:

  • Logistics service providers
  • Global automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive supply chain and logistics strategists
  • Market analysts and consultants
  • Automotive retailers
  • All C-level executives

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