Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management


Programme Structure

The SCPD Programme is divided into two levels – Basic (Modules 01 – 04 and Advanced (Modules 01 – 08).

The first level comprises four basic modules:

» SCPD01: Managing Resources
» SCPD02: Managing the Transport and Logistics Environment
» SCPD03: Warehousing and Stores Operations
» SCPD04: Customer Service and Quality Management

The next level consists of four advanced modules:

» SCPD05: Supply Chain Management
» SCPD06: IT and E-Commerce in Logistics
» SCPD07: Service Operation Management
» SCPD08: Business Logistics Management

Each module is divided into several topics and each topic is further divided into several chapters. The advanced modules cover the scope of the CPL examination and offer another option for candidates to prepare for the CPL exams.


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Additional information

Certification Level

Diploma in Supply Chain Management – SGD$1840, Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management – SGD$2980


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