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Unrivalled access to world-class market intelligence.

Drive the performance of your business with global and regional reports, surveys and world-class market intelligence. Logistics Executive Group along with our partners Ti, LSCMS and CSCMP ensures you have unrivalled access to the latest business data, updated regularly and available to download with just a few clicks.

Specialist logistics sector reports including FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Chemical, Express, Contract Logistics, Freight Forwarding and Road Transport complete with financial data and market analysis.

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Automotive Supply Chain and Logistics 2018


Automotive Supply Chain and Logistics 2018 offers a comprehensive view of the past, present and future of the automotive logistics sector. With the introduction of electric vehicles and autonomous systems almost imminent, the impact on both supply chain management and logistics will be profound. However, there are many other significant issues affecting the industry, all of which are dealt with in Automotive Supply Chain and Logistics 2018.

Total Logistics 2018


Ti’s Total Logistics report has been created to provide a holistic view of the logistics industry, examining the dynamics of each logistics market and explaining how the different segments interact and interconnect.

Leading European Transport and Logistics Markets 2017


The 2017 edition of Ti’s Leading European Transport and Logistics Markets report provides a comprehensive overview of logistics in Europe and contains detailed country profiles for the top 26 European markets.

Global Express and Small Parcels 2017


The global express parcels industry has undergone a major transformation over the past ten years. In the early 2000s, when Ti published its first Global Express Parcels report, the e-tailing revolution was in its infancy. It was far from certain that many of the major express players, such as UPS, FedEx or DHL, would embrace home delivery due to the high costs involved in the number of undelivered parcels caused by not-at-home end-recipients.

Cold Chain Logistics 2017


Cold Chain Logistics 2017 offers insight into the complex nature of temperature-controlled supply chains. Cold Chain Logistics 2017 is a 50 page report that provides analysis and insight into this market as a whole, as well as from a logistics market, vertical sector and geographical perspective.

Trends in Logistics Technology


This report describes how sectors of the industry are using information systems to manage their operations, as well as how these solutions are evolving. We hope that by clarifying the context in which many of the established solutions have been used, we can help people understand the opportunities (and disadvantages) presented by some of the solution sets now emerging.

Global Contract Logistics 2017


Ti’s annual Global Contract Logistics report examines both topics and provides analysis and evaluation of future practises expected in the industry. This analysis is provided from a broad, industry-wide perspective and is then channelled and examined within individual company profiles of major contract logistics providers.

Global e-commerce Logistics 2017


Global e-commerce Logistics 2017 forms part of Ti’s annual market research report output, the 2nd to be published this year. It presents analysis of e-commerce logistics firstly from a broad, industry-wide perspective, and then delves further to examine the supply chains and strategies of major e-retailers and the logistics providers which support them.

Total Logistics 2017


Total Logistics 2017 explores the structure of the logistics industry, highlighting prominent markets as well as examining their unique trends and developments. In addition, the report focuses on core factors impacting the industry including trade, consolidation strategies, supply chain technologies, risks and ethics.

Global Express and Small Parcels 2016


Global Express and Small Parcels 2016 explores the key issues within this evolving industry from both global and country-level perspectives.

Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016


Global Warehousing & Logistics Networks 2016 explores the key issues within this continuously evolving supply chain debate from global and regional perspectives

Global Freight Forwarding 2016


The 2016 edition of Ti’s Global Freight Forwarding report contains market sizing and forecasting data, profiles of the 15 largest freight forwarders, as well as trade lane analysis and an examination of the technology supporting and disrupting the industry.

Global Contract Logistics 2016


Ti’s annual industry-leading research into development and innovation within the global contract logistics market. Providing unique analysis of global, regional and country level contract logistics market sizes as well as detailed profiles of some of the leading logistics providers.

Global e-commerce Logistics 2016


Ti’s annual analysis and market overview of the global e-commerce logistics industry. The report contains Ti’s bespoke market size and forecasting data, as well as overviews of some of the world’s leading e-commerce businesses, such as Alibaba and Amazon. In addition, the report includes company profiles of both post offices, LSPs and dedicated e-commerce solution providers to showcase the different strategies shaping the market we know today.