Events & Conferences

Keep up to date with trends in the supply chain industry.

Events & Conference

Keep Up to Date With Trends in the Supply Chain Industry.

Logistics Executive Group is pleased to bring you a range of internationally recognised conferences and events for thought leaders, executives and talent managers in the Supply Chain and Logistics industries.

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LogiSYM Singapore 2019

14 – 15 May 2019
NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, Singapore

From our pre-conference kickoff to our closing party, LogiSYM Singapore 2019 provides you with endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees and get exposed to new opportunities. The sessions at LogiSYM are designed to allow you the flexibility to choose the conference sessions that matter most to you and your organisation.

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LogiSYM Malaysia 2019

23 – 24 July 2019, Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya

This will be the fifth time LogiSYM has hosted an event in Malaysia in partnership with The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society, Asia’s premier peer-to-peer members-only logistics practitioners association. As ever, the symposium will bridge the gap between supply chain concepts and technology, and real world implementation. It will also showcase the benefits generated from increased supply chain pipeline velocity, profitability and performance, and will offer unrivalled networking opportunities, enabling delegates to acquire actionable takeaways to present back at the office.

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LogiSYM Dubai 2019

1 – 2 October 2019
Jumeriah Creekside Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Stay tune for more details.

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LogiSYM Digital 2018

November 22, 2018
Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur

A New-Age Platform for Knowledge Sharing
LogiSYM Digital brings industrial knowledge sharing on par with the times with its first-ever online mini-symposium that will allow thought leaders and critical thinkers across multiple countries to participate at the same time.

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Procurement Week 2018

December 4 – 7, 2018
Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport, Sydney, Australia

Procurement Week will unite the industry as a whole at the only one-stop-shop procurement event in the country.

Australia’s definitive procurement industry event will feature international keynotes, new and cutting edge content streams, in depth learning sessions, a CPO Summit, interactive exhibition area and unparalleled networking.

Procurement Week will be the must attend event for anyone working in procurement – from junior buyers, sourcing, category and contract managers right through to the CPO.


2nd Supply Chain & Logistic Arabia

October 23-24, 2018
The Address, Dubai Marina, UAE

The 2017 statistics show a resurgent UAE and a further strengthening GCC economy. SCL Arabia in its second edition will aim to assist the economic growth in the region by bringing to the forefront best practice in Supply Chain Management and suggesting strategies that can help GCC businesses prepare for the next level of growth. The current edition will lay special focus on two sectors Food & Perishables and Retail the key driving sectors of the region in addition to addressing the issues pertaining to SCM in general.


2nd Annual Modern Warehousing

October 24-25, 2018
Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, Thailand

The ripple effect of Industrial 4.0 has presents the significant refinement of the distinctive modern warehouse modus operandi. 2nd Annual Modern Warehousing highlights the viable insertions of automation and cloud technology to thrive warehouse operation. Discuss with experts in consolidating the adaptation of the “4.0” technology in advocating the fiscal growth in logistics and supply chain industries.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Expand fiscal growth from automated operational and logistics landscape advocating real-time visibility of the modern logistics sphere
  • Indulge in the aspects of the next level modern warehousing embedding the framework of logistics 4.0
  • Exploit the hurdles of restrained supply space through state-of-the-art warehouse operating strategy
  • Restore the conventional legacy system with high-end Big Data management system for an increased productivity
  • Coordinate the external and internal warehouse activities with modernized operations framework leveraging cloud storage and lights-out warehousing

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4th Annual Fleet Management

October 24-25, 2018
Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, Thailand

Together with cost reduction results and efficient processes, the 4th Annual Fleet Management features the key elements in achieving the highest value through deep analysis in fleet data and productive automation of vehicles. Connectivity is uniting the massive assets and sectors in fleet management while falling behind in fallible past infrastructures are detrimental to the business. Dive in to the efficient frameworks and processes from specialists and major industry players from a complex and in-depth conference.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Discover the latest 4.0 technology integration into existing telematics system in pursuit of improving operational and vehicle management infrastructure
  • Gauging the profitability and efficiency aspect revolving around fleet maintenance and service
  • Learning the method to properly scan through huge amount of fleet data to generates insights in making accurate decisions when running and controlling vehicle
  • Understanding the complexities of fleet system operation and applying the best methods to replace existing fleet
  • Scoping the challenges to employing contingencies for risks while collaborating with other parties for procurement and productivity tasks

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Procurement 4.0

October 24-25, 2018
Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, Thailand

In digitizing the integral process of acquisition through 4.0 technologies, company and practitioner will stand to gain higher standings in the market value chain. Procurement 4.0 is a gathering for the finest minds in procurement to engage and network with fellow aspirers of the industry. Utilize the informative talks in attaining market synergy in the age of cyber connectivity.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Ascertaining the application of Industrial 4.0 technologies in Procurement process in the effort to streamline lead time and incur lower costs
  • Gauging the implementation of new technology building block in ensuring tools for procurement are always updated
  • Espousing modern methods and strategies of executing data-driven procurement task in contemporary digital environment
  • Understanding the attributes of seamless real-time tracking of goods and immutable document tracing in transforming the procurement process
  • Scoping the potential of mixed reality technology to elevate acquisition process in-line with the 21st century

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Hands Up Kenya Inaugural Conference

September 2018
Kenyatta University Amphitheatre, Nairobi, Kenya
Event Organiser: Hands Up Kenya

‘Hands Up Kenya’ is a not-for-profit initiative that brings together a network of successful international and Kenyan entrepreneurs, business leaders and change-makers who are eager to remove the barriers that prevent Kenyan youth from achieving their full potential. The organization was co-founded by Darryl Judd, COO of Logistics Executive Group (LEG). Kim Winter, Global CEO of LEG, is also one of its Global Ambassadors.

The first in a series of conferences planned by Hands Up Kenya will be held in March, 2018 in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. The day-long event will feature a series of speeches, workshops and networking opportunities to enhance Kenyan youth’s access to professional mentorship and career development opportunities.

The initiative is powered by a team of influential ambassadors, including Glyn Hughes, Global Head of Cargo at IATA, and internationally-acclaimed Kenyan actress Chichi Seii. Official Partners include the Logistics Executive Group, LogiSYM, RightFit Global, IATA, FlowerWatch, Lancet Laboratories, the International Youth Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

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77th RWTA Conference & Exhibition

19th – 21st of September 2018, Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

Details will be released shortly containing information about Speakers, Social Events, Sponsorship Opportunities and Exhibition Packages

Information and Registration will be available through their Conference Website soon!

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Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018

18 – 20 September 2018, Pullman Melbourne on the Park, Australia

Becoming elastic, integrated and customer-centric in the ecommerce era
Customers are increasingly dictating how companies structure their supply chains. With the rise of online shopping customers can now shop anywhere, anytime and expect more gratifying and enjoyable experiences from retailers. Recent statistics have shown that multichannel shoppers spend nearly 50% more each year.

However, meeting the multichannel consumer’s increasing expectations for speed and convenience (at low/no added cost) is causing unprecedented sector disruption, globally. In a truly global and digitalized market place where end to end customer engagement is becoming a given, it is vital that supply chain leaders understand how they can evolve their operations, processes and systems to better meet their customers’ expectations.

A recent McKinsey supply chain report ranked increased customer demand volatility and increasing customer expectations as the top 2 current challenges for organisations’ from a supply chain perspective. Furthermore, increasing pressure from global competition is ranked as the top challenge for supply chains over the coming 5 years. Without an effective online supply chain strategy in place, Australian retailers run the risk of losing out to local and overseas competitors.

Attend this practical summit and learn how to:

  • Integrate emerging technology into your supply chain operations
  • Leverage predictive analytics to drive responsiveness, elasticity and integration across your entire supply chain
  • Reengineer your operating model to improve efficiency and become truly customer centric

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Warehouse Innovation Summit 2018

18 – 20 September 2018, Pullman Melbourne on the Park, Australia

Delivering speed and scale through pioneering warehouse operations
Warehousing is moving through a radical new shift. Last mile delivery speed depends on the efficiency of warehouses. Amazon has developed an airborne fulfilment centre and is working towards full automation in the next few years.

Warehouses are currently being transformed to offer agile, 24/7 responsive distribution. While, most warehouses are not yet there, those that are, are now creating exceptional advantage.

The shift is from flawless to intelligent warehousing. This entails fully embracing AI and Robotics to unleash new capabilities in cost and speed of pick and pack, and distribution.

 Attend this leading-edge summit and learn how to:

  • Prepare for the new frontier of warehousing innovation
  • Transform operations to meet a shift in customer expectation
  • Leverage robotics and AI to increase speed and efficiency in warehouse operations
  • Transition into the next phase of predictive warehousing
  • Develop robust safety and security strategies for future distribution centres

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Strategy Execution via IBP 2018

17 September 2018, Pullman Melbourne on the Park

Leading strategic excellence
With such a volatile, competitive and customer-centric market, responding more rapidly by anticipating and predicting what’s around the corner is front of mind for every industry.

Creating agility and increasing responsiveness through IBP is a sure-fire way to boost your competitive edge and link scenarios with your strategic goals in order to fulfil them.

Imagine an operation in which you have an alternative view of market so you can respond more rapidly by forward planning and make more informed, strategic and dynamic decisions…

While a select few are already there, there is a lot more progression in terms of IBP maturity to be had for the Australian market.

That is why we have dedicated a full day as part of our Supply Chain Week 2018 to focus on how to get you there.

 Attend this practical conference and learn how to:

  • Adapt your IBP model to suit your evolving organisational structures
  • Apply best strategies to capitalise on your scenario planning and ensure alignment with your organisational goals
  • Gain confidence in your financial forecasts and alignment with organisation strategy
  • Explore the evolution journey: From solid S&OP foundations to IBP maturity
  • Create a holistic IBP approach by aligning all job functions


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23 – 24 May 2018, Swissotel Sydney, Australia

Building customer-centric supply chains in the digital era
The Australasian Supply Chain Institute’s inaugural event, ASCI2018 represents a game-changing opportunity for supply chain professionals. Chief Supply Chain Officers and their leadership teams will learn how to recognise the impacts of disruptions and create transformational strategies that empower an organisation to exceed performance objectives. Organisations must acquire the capability to accurately anticipate their customer’s dynamic needs, in order to rapidly respond to expectations and stay ahead of their competitors.
ASCI2018 will focus on empowering supply chain managers with the information they require to navigate a world where digital transformation is at the forefront of business. Attendees will benefit from hearing industry leading Supply Chain organisations share practical case studies on how they implemented business improvement strategies.
Secure your leadership teams place at ASCI2018. Network with professional peers and competitors, gain 20 CPD points and absorb the knowledge necessary to ensure success by driving your company’s capability to meet consumer demands and exceed expectations.
Attend ASCI2018 to boost your skillset with the latest supply chain professional learning and development information required to ensure your organisation is prepared and equipped for the future.
So, what are you waiting for? To find out more about the ASCI2018 and book your place today, click here.

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LogiSYM Malaysia 2018

24 – 25 July 2018, Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya

This will be the fourth time LogiSYM has hosted an event in Malaysia in partnership with The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society, Asia’s premier peer-to-peer members-only logistics practitioners association. As ever, the symposium will bridge the gap between supply chain concepts and technology, and real world implementation. It will also showcase the benefits generated from increased supply chain pipeline velocity, profitability and performance, and will offer unrivalled networking opportunities, enabling delegates to acquire actionable takeaways to present back at the office.

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LogiSYM Dubai 2019

Dubai, UAE

Stay tune for more details.

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